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MOTTO: Timesizing, not downsizing!’
Harvard Square, Cambridge 02238-0117 USA 617-623-8080: homepage
As America's first dot-com political party,, ran

in the Y2000 ‘Ted Kennedy Handicap’

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We have the only 21st-century platform in American politics today:
technology is for empowering, not replacing people -

So far the Party is registered only in the founding state of Massachusetts (but stay tuned!...).
Party membership is $25 year ($10/yr low income) - Join the Party by mailing a check made out to " with Phil Hyde" to
The Party
10-12 Carver Street
Somerville, Mass. 02143
Be sure to include your name and address for our membership kit. (Political checks are not tax deductible.)  In Massachusetts, you can register as a Party voter by entering our motto, "Timesizing, Not Downsizing" in the "Party Affiliation" blank of your voter registration form. Our Mass. state party letter-designation is M for tiMesizing.

Contact:  Phil Hyde,  Exec.Director,  The Party, 617-623-8080, e-mail or in Quebec, 819-771-8546, e-mail

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